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Boarding Request Form

For Boarding and Board and Train Appointments Only. 

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Boarding or Board and Train? Be specific as possible. If you are requesting a board and train please include specific notes on behavior issues we are addressing.
Please note: we do not drive on Sundays or holidays.
Please note: we do not drive on Sundays or holidays.
Ideal timeline for pick up and drop off. Indicate if we can enter your home without you being there. Please remember drive services work around any appointments scheduled for Emily during the day. Normal pick ups/drop offs are weekdays between 10:30 -3pm. Off hour drives will be subject to additional fees.
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Charge of $35 to $55 per dog depending on coat and size.
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In order to secure your appointment, an estimate will be sent to you and must be confirmed. A deposit will be collected on all appointments via Credit Card. MDMR prefers Check/Cash, but all forms of payment are accepted.