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The Ethos of Dog

Companion to competitive training with a focus on behavior.

We do it all!

So many of my amazing clients dogs!  Without them... We would not be what we are today!

Emily Roach - Founder

Emily was born in Buffalo, New York. From birth, her household was filled with animals. A self described "Urban Zoo" she grew up with everything from dogs and farm animals to wild and soon to be domesticated pets. Thanks to this upbringing, Emily grew up training animals from a very early age.  In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Pierce college to study veterinary medicine. Once she enrolled in a class in horse training, it became clear that her passion didn't lie in medicine, but in training.

In 2006 Emily was given Koda, our fearless mascot. Emily quickly realized some behavior issues and visited multiple trainers in order to correct them. Having no luck she decided to handle the problem herself. In 2008 Emily began a 3 year apprenticeship in dog behavior. This apprenticeship allowed Emily to work consistently in the entertainment industry all while focusing on her passion of training dogs. Emily focuses on troubled animals, believing all dogs should be given a chance regardless of the problem. Acting as a translator between owner and pet she will implement the necessary actions to correct any active problem. As her client list continues to grow, Emily and her staff promise to dedicate their full attention to each animal in order to establish a strong educational base that will help form a lifelong bond between pet and owner. 

Kyle Ford - Staff 

As a naturally quiet and gentle person, with a strong love of nature, Kyle knew he wanted to work with animals from a young age. Kyle grew up in Davis, CA where he began his career with animals as a dog groomer at Petco. After completing high school, he joined a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant for 2 years. Over the next four years Kyle was an enthusiastic team member for two different dog hotels as kennel assistant.

Over time, his passion to learn husbandry and training for exotic animals took hold; he enrolled in the America’s Teaching Zoo… only to be told there was a two year wait to start taking classes! His patience and dedication to his education soon paid off, after his two year wait period, Kyle was finally able to join the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College. There he learned to provide proper husbandry techniques and train a variety of exotic and domestic species. Kyle graduated in the spring of 2014, and shortly thereafter began volunteering at the LA Zoo. After six months of volunteering, Kyle got the position he was working toward – as a team member for the California Condor Program. 

Now Kyle spends his weekends with the birds and his weekdays with the dogs of MDMR. His love of nature is apparent and shows in his enjoyment and enthusiasm of being outside walking dogs for MDMR. It doesn’t stop there. In his off time Kyle takes his own pup, Foxy, with him as they enjoy camping, hiking and surfing expeditions.

Emily Fisher - Staff

Emily Fisher grew up in Denver, Colorado with five siblings, three dogs and two cats. Always around lots of kids and animals, caring for them has become second nature.

Emily holds a BFA from Webster Conservatory.  A dancer from a young age, Emily has had the privilege of performing with the Denver Broncos, on network television and on multiple international stages in Austria, Germany and Whales. She is drawn to work with children and animals, and has sits on the board of a theatre company in Los Angeles working with children in inner city schools.  While not working with Emily, Kyle and Felix at MDMR, she works with the dance department at Harvard Westlake School. 

Upon moving to Los Angeles, and adopted a Chihuahua named Dexter and a tabby cat named Frankie. Emily refers to herself as the "Emily 2" of the MDMR team, and is your go-to gal with all things scheduling, billing, client services, and anything business related!