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The Ethos of Dog

Companion to competitive training with a focus on behavior.

We do it all!

The M D M R Foundation is an educational and fostering environment for at-risk youth and shelter dogs, where the two can collectively discover the benefits of the human and dog relationships through education, applied experience and support of the foundation team.

MDMR is a dual foundation; our focus is on the development and skill set education of at-risk youth through animal-assisted programs, as well as saving the lives of dogs that are relinquished to the program and those pulled from high-kill shelters. 

The societal value of this program is insurmountable, providing at-risk youth with social exposure, and presenting them with an opportunity to be a part of saving the lives of animals.  All the while being given an opportunity to develop their social skills, and become an integral part of the community.

At this time, all dogs in our care have been placed in the MDMR program to provide a fostering environment until they find their Forever home.  

Each dog that passes through our program is a difficult training or behavior case;  dogs are sponsored with donations to assist us in providing for a comfortable and healthy stay.  

We graciously thank you for any donation you can make. 

As this is a new venture all contributions will be applied to the start up of this program.  

We are hoping to begin our venture as a 501c3 in the beginning of 2017. 

All funds are applied directly to the start up of the MDMR foundation


will assist in feeding and the veterinary care of the rescue dogs we house at our facility.