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The Ethos of Dog

Companion to competitive training with a focus on behavior.

We do it all!

Emily with Brownie

Give the dog a treat, you get a dog that does tricks...
Teach the owner how to relate with the dog, you give them both an everlasting bond.
— Emily Roach - Owner, My Dog is My Rock



Do you have an unscrupulous dog?  Does your dog obliterate everything in it’s path when you leave them alone?  Did you rescue a dog and wonder what is the next step? Is your dog aggressive towards dogs or people?


Are you just unsure of what type of training is best suited for your dog and lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we recommend an evaluation before starting training.  This way, we can give you a clear guide as to what the process for putting the puzzle pieces of your dogs behavior back together. 

No dog is the same and no dogs’ rehabilitation process is the same; together we will come up with the best scenario and training regimen for you both.

A portion of your evaluation will be applied to future training.

Private Lessons

Get the one on one direction you require for your dogs’ development. Whether you are starting out with your first puppy or happen to be a seasoned handler, our private lessons will give you the guidance and information you need to develop an expansive rapport with your pet.  

We provide packages for the following programs:

Puppy Start

Rescue Dog Training

Separation Anxiety

The First Two Years

Boarding School

 Service Dog Training

There is something amazing that happens while you are working with a dog... something magical actually. You genuinely begin to see who you are.. not just as a dog owner, but who YOU are, deep down. Over time you realize that you were never the one giving the instruction... it has always been the dog instructing you. Needless to say, that lesson you learn is very personal between you and your pet.
— Emily Roach - Owner, My Dog is My Rock

Emily with Chryses

The fun stuff...

** The "fun stuff" services are mostly provided by a MDMR staff member. All staff members are evaluated and trained personally by Emily.**

The not so fun stuff...

Holiday Surcharge

During the below listed holidays, there will be a $10 a day holiday surcharge on all prices.

  • Martin Luther King Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • President’s Day Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • Easter Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • 4th of July Week (Days based on calendar year)

  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • Columbus Day Weekend (Friday to Monday),

  • Thanksgiving Week ( Sunday to Sunday),

  • Christmas & New Years Week

    • (Dates based on calendar year)

Cancellation policy

Private Lesson/ Dog Walk cancellations

Please give 48 hour cancellation on appointments

  • 24 hour cancellation will be charged 50%

  • Day of lesson/walk cancellation will be charged 100%

  • Package client cancellations will lose one package day

Boarding appointment cancellations

We have a 7-day cancellation policy for boarding appointments.

Please notify us 7 days before your appointment if you need to cancel in order to not be charged.

Cancellations made less than 7 days before your appointment are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellations made less than 3 days before your appointment date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Invoice payments

We ask that all services are paid in full at the end of service.  Any invoice that is not paid within a  15 day period will accrue a 5% interest on the open balance, every 15 days.


Dog Boarding

We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time, we are not taking in new dogs that have not been previously trained with Emily. If you have any questions, please contact